FiberFolk - Weaving

FiberFolk - Weaving


Getting started with weaving: Complex color and texture on simple portable looms

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of weaving a solid piece of cloth.  The first part of the session will focus on completing a small piece of weaving that will introduce essential weaving terms and techniques that are used in the most advanced weaving practices, including warp, weft, sheds, shuttles, and tension.  Participants will use a (very) small frame loom to quickly learn how to both set-up and do the finishing on this style of loom, so that they can continue to practice at home on larger pieces.  

After starting to master the basics, we’ll move on to weaving on a slightly larger loom of the same style, introducing techniques to create designs through changes in color, texture, and the hand weaving patterns we use.  

We’ll learn to create a design to guide our weaving and estimate material quantities.  While we weave together, we’ll also review some of the different techniques for using the types of textiles we are creating: different ways of finishing for display as wall hangings, adding backings to use as small decorative rugs, creating fringe for placemats and runners, attaching our to other fabric to create functional items such as pillow cases, and attaching our weaving to each other to create larger pieces.  

Students will leave with a lap sized frame loom, one small completed sample size piece; one work in progress on their larger lap loom; the supplies to finish their lap loom piece at home, and the tools and resources to continue their new weaving practice independently.

Instructor: Katie Himmelfarb

Sunday, December 17th

10.30am - 1.30pm

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