Start Sewing - Beginner Workshop

Start Sewing - Beginner Workshop


Sometimes its hard to start. Perhaps someone gave you a machine and you don’t know how to use is. perhaps you have used it but ran into a problem you don’t know how to fix… This is a great 2.5 hour workshop for anyone who wants to take that first step and begin their sewing journey.

In this workshop you will learn how to thread, operate, and trouble shoot a sewing machine. You’ll gain confidence with the machine through plenty of sewing practice to get you comfortable. You’ll also learn tips and tricks for sewing strait and even, and try out some simple seam types. Whether you’re interested in making your own clothes, or home goods, or bags, this is the prefect first step.

No previous sewing experience required. All materials and machines provided

Instructor: Jane Kennedy

Sunday, October 13th, 9am- 11.30am

Jane has been sewing professionally for nearly 20 years. Her widely varied job experience, as well as many years spent as a patternmaker, gives her a broad knowledge of garment creation.  Her experience ranges from making custom wedding gowns, to tailoring Chanel suits for the editor of Vogue, to making body armor for the US Military, to sewing lingerie for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 

While her background is in couture sewing techniques, her practical approach to teaching sewing makes it accessible and fun for everyone. 

 “If you want to be fussy and perfect, that’s great. If you want to just get through it and prove to yourself you can make something with your own hands, I’m down with that too. And if you want to ask a million questions, I applaud your thirst for knowledge and will happily answer them.”

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