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This Manual provides general information about the facilities, equipment, and supplies, as well as general studio use policies at AlterWork Studios (AlterWork) Each participating artist (the Artist) is required to read this Manual prior to a residency at AlterWork.

The Artist will not be allowed to use the studio unless they read and agree with the policies described in this Manual. This Manual is a legally binding document. By signing it, the Artist agrees to follow the instructions and policies provided in the Manual. If an artist is found not following these instructions and policies, he/she will be denied access immediately.

If instructions on particular equipment or materials are not clear in this Manual, please consult the Studio Director or a staff member for more detailed information.

Equipment highlighted with is not to be used without a demo session with a staff member.

As all equipment and space is shared among artists, we ask that consideration and common sense be used in helping keep the studio in excellent condition for those using it.


AlterWork is accessible seven days a week from 9am-11pm. Once in the facility, the Artist can work as long as he/she likes.


As the front gallery is open to the public, for your own safety, and the safety of other artists and staff, please do not allow unknown visitors into the studio. Tours of the facilities may be provided by Staff Director or Studio Monitor only . If one is not available at the time the visitor interested in viewing the facilities may be given contact information. If suspicious persons should enter the reception or the bathrooms, consult the Studio Monitor if available, or call 911.


A Fire Extinguisher is located by the front desk of AlterWork. The facilities are equipped with a sprinkler system.


AlterWork is a commercial space, subject to waste removal vendor contracts. Recycling laws must be followed in the studios. You must separate paper, plastic, glass and metal from regular trash and dispose in receptacles throughout the studio areas. Flammable trash should be placed in the red metal cans provided by the sink area. Clean trash bags are provided by AlterWork and are located in the maintenance closet. 


Artists should keep all equipment clean and in operable condition. If any piece of equipment is not working properly, the Artist should report this to the staff and not attempt to repair the equipment (including tools, bathrooms, lights, etc.)

AlterWork does not have a cleaning service, and interns are not hired to clean the studio. Therefore, artists are in charge of cleaning after themselves, and returning tools back where they belong.

Brooms and brushes as well as a mop and bucket and all other cleaning supplies are stored in the maintenance closet in the basement. 

While artists are encouraged to move any piece of equipment to where they need it, they are obligated to return them to their proper location. 


Each month the calendar of classes and other events that use studio time is posted by the front desk. Please check this calendar frequently.

When your rental/residency has ended:

Please be sure to clear out all your supplies. Any materials left in the studio, including artwork in drying racks, screens, etc. will be considered abandoned if left after the rental period and will be disposed of.



There are two unisex restrooms located in facilities, one in the private studio side and one in the shared studio side. Please keep the Restrooms clean at all times. Let staff know if any of the restroom supplies are running low.


The reception desk is to be used by Staff Director or Studio Monitor only. All Studio information can be found on the countertop of the reception desk for visitors. A first aid supply box is also located here.

Our nook is located in the back of the shared studio space. It provides a place for artists to meet each other, talk, read get inspired. There is no food allowed in the nook. The book case houses art-related books and magazines. Please do not take any of these with you; rather, read and make notes while at the nook.

Announcements for exhibitions and opportunities are posted on the bulletin board

While you may eat in the studio no food is allowed to be left overnight in AlterWork. All food and drink items must be disposed in a designated garbage bin only.

Storage Area:

Storage shelves are located in the basement. Artists can have one shelf for their personal supplies. Artists who have a private studio space may use all drying rack and painting racks but do not get a shelf. All your supplies must fit on your shelf. Any items stored on the floor or against a wall between shelving units will be removed from the studio by staff, as they are a fire hazard. Storage space is not negotiable and no expansions will be granted. AlterWork will not be responsible for items left elsewhere. If you bring your own equipment, such as fans, buckets, etc., you must store them on your shelf. Label your shelf clearly with your name, as well as any other personal supplies. Please do not use supplies from other shelves—they belong to other artists. And, do not store any paper or cardboard between the shelves—this blocks access to other shelves. AlterWork maintains a lost and found, so check with staff if you are missing an item, or find an item that has been left out.

Work Tables:

Please do not cut anything or spread any kind of ink or paint directly on work tables. There are paper rolls, cutting mats to protect the tables and slabs for inking. 

Use the work tables for drawing, sewing, preparation, or other activities. 

All packages addressed to the artist will be placed by the reception desk. Please look for your packages there, and move them to your shelf right away. AlterWork will not be responsible for the safety of the packages.

Studio Equipment:

Upon signing up at AlterWork, the Artist will be given a tour of the facilities. AlterWork is a studio for independent artists and we assume that you know how to use all the equipment we provide. If you do not know how to use a tool or a piece of equipment do not use it until you get proper assistance from Studio Mentors. We will not be responsible for any damage to your work or yourself resulting from the use of equipment you did not know how to operate. You will be responsible for the replacement of all equipment damaged if you did not know how to use it.

Utility Sink:

This sink is located next to the bathroom. Clean it after use. Do not use this sink for the disposal of clay, inks, paints, solvents and flammable liquids. There are other means of disposal available for these uses. 

Wi-Fi :

The Artists have access to free wi-fi at the studio.

Drying Racks:

Do not leave your prints or paintings there for longer than necessary; this is not long-term storage. Do not leave plexiglass, plates, boards, plastic bags, and other non-print items on these racks.


All tools belong to the studio and are available for use to all the Artists. The Artists are responsible for taking care of all the tools they use, cleaning them well, and placing them back in their place after use. Although you may use portable tools in your private studio no tools or equipment may be kept at the private studios or your personal shelves. They must be cleaned and returned after each use. Make sure to clean with odorless paint thinner whenever possible

the Artists are asked to conserve energy and cooperate in studio temperature control. If the AC is on please do not open the windows. If the Studio is too cool let the staff know and we will make necessary adjustments.


REMINDER Before you leave:

1. Turn all electrical appliances off, or unplug them before you leave.
2. Clean every surface, tool, or machine you have used.
3. Put all your belongings back on your shelf.
4. All garbage goes into the cans provided. If a bag is full, tie it up and place near the door to the collaboration studio.
5. In case you find anything damaged or broken, or if something breaks while you are in the studio, notify the staff immediately. If it is after hours leave a note at the reception window or email a staff member.
6. Make sure all water faucets are turned off.


AlterWork may provide some free basic supplies and some donated supplies. If you want to donate any of your surplus supplies to the studio please notify the Studio Monitor of Staff Director

All other necessary materials are the responsibility of the artist. A list of nearby places to purchase supplies is available at the front desk.


The following form will have to be signed before you are admitted to the studio:



I, ____________________________________________, the undersigned hereby (please print full name)

acknowledge that I have read the Studio Guidelines and that I am aware of the proper use and maintenance of all AlterWork equipment, facilities, and supplies. Accordingly, I will be responsible for payment of damages caused to equipment, facilities and supplies because of my improper use or improper maintenance. Furthermore, as set out in the Manual, I am aware of materials and supplies located in AlterWork and, hence, any cost incurred by me that could have been avoided by referring to the Manual, shall not be the responsibility of AlterWork.

I further acknowledge that I enter upon the premises with the full knowledge of its conditions and that I assume sole responsibility for any loss of personal property and injuries that may be sustained. I also agree to not hold AlterWork Studios liable and to save the AlterWork Studios harmless with regard to all such liability.

DATE:   ____________________

Participating Artist Signature:   _______________________

AlterWork Studios Representative:   _______________________